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by Andy Hilfiger Presents and Greg Polisseni

Greg Polisseni is an artist, a fashion designer and a visionary. Greg created ARTISTIX in the Fall of 2013 with one clear vision in mind, to create wearable art. Throughout his entire life, Greg has found art as a way of self-expression and wanted to offer the same outlet to consumers. Each of ARTISTIX unique collections is based on an original painting by Greg, making each piece of clothing a collectible item Andy Hilfiger, brother of Tommy Hilfiger and fashion industry legend, joined as the Creative Director of ARTISTIX Fashion in April of 2016 with the vision of elevating the brand to the next level.


Andy Hilfiger has been pushing the boundaries of fashion for over 25 years. From his humble beginnings as a rockstar from Elmira, New York, Andy helped to build the Hilfiger empire from a multi-million dollar company to a multi-billion dollar corporation. From his days at Tommy Hilfiger Corp. to his success in launching lines like JLo by Jennifer Lopez, Andy is widely known for his effort to merge music and fashion, firmly believing that Artistix is the next big thing within the streetwear culture. 

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