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by Jessie James Decker

I knew early on I wanted to have my own fashion line and boutique someday. I have been singing and designing clothes to perform in since I was a little girl. At an early age in school, I would drift off and daydream, writing songs and sketching outfits I could envision myself wearing on the red carpet at the Country Music Awards, and on the famous Grand Ole Opry stage. Those dreams grew along with me and have turned into a passion I wanted to share with other women to bring us all together. Expression through fashion is fun and exciting. When you feel confident and beautiful on the outside, it helps your inner beauty shine through. Kittenish is fun and flirty, playful and sassy. Wear Kittenish-Feel Kittenish. 

Kittenish is more than just a look; it’s a state of mind. Our door is open ya’ll, so come on in. Look kittenish, feel kittenish, be kittenish.”

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