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MERY PLAYA by Sofia Resing


Brazilian top model Sofia Resing joins creative forces with Argentinian fashion designer Mery Racauchi to bring you the second season of MERY PLAYA by SOFIA RESING, an exclusive and unforgettable swimwear collection. Sofia is a veteran swimwear model who has worked with countless bikini brands which helped give her the vision to design her own swimwear line. MERY PLAYA fits all body types and brings a young, fresh, and modern approach to beachwear by pairing exceptional fabrics with a pastel color palette. 

The inspiration behind Mery Playa by Sofia Resing stems from Mery’s signature logo, the Pegasus. This mythical winged creature is an ideal muse for our swimwear collection since the Pegasus was created by Poseidon, the Olympic God of the Sea. Mery Playa’s target customer is the everyday stylish girl who is looking for the perfect bathing suit to wear for summer. Whether she is lounging poolside in LA, on a tropical beach in Bora Bora, or on a yacht in the South of France; the Mery Playa girl always looks effortless and fashionable.

The collection will include 7 styles; The Cosmo, The Gia, The Rainbow, New Playa, New Pegasus, The Capri,and The Ashley.


Mery Playa By Sofia Resing is available for purchase at

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